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Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Vision Charter Academy

  • Promotes social experiential opportunity through hands-on activity, clubs, field trips, explorational, and service learning.
  • Gives learners have a voice and a choice to pursue their individualized achievement.┬áVoice. Choice. Achieve.
  • Serves over 400 learners and their families from Delta, Montrose, Mesa, and Gunnison Counties.
  • Develops unique learning plan and schedule for each learner.
  • Offers limited small group classes for high need academic content areas, hands-on experiences, and learner interests.
  • Offers access to class at home, on campus, online, within the community, at traditional public schools, and at colleges and universities.
  • Empowers learners to take ownership of their own learning.
  • Works to integrate the entire community into the educational process and promotes learner integration into the community.
  • Emphasizes integrity, relationships, communication, and mutual agreements.
  • Promotes good habits of a scholar to help learners build their achievement and success.

Individual learning, family partnerships, and community partners.

Individualized education through partnerships with families and communities.

Vision Charter Academy is and will continue to provide an individualized education plan for a family partner of choice for nurturing lifelong learners who are thriving, contributing members of society.