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Strategic Plan

Vision Charter Academy

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Vision is a school with high expectations of growth from learners and staff


– Objectives –

Attract families and staff who want to be active partners in education

Expand and improve accountability measures

Achieve a Performance school rating by 2024

Develop and implement a skills-based model

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Vision has fully invested partnerships empowering learner-designed individualized education


– Objectives –

Empower learners to take charge of their education by creating ILP(s) focused on learner’s strengths, challenges, interests, and goals

Expand partnerships initiated by learners, families, and staff

Develop an environment where staff wellness is valued

Develop opportunities to promote family engagement

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Vision offers an ever-increasing variety of resources and opportunities for families and staff


– Objectives –

Offer and fully utilize up to date resources and opportunities for families and staff.

Expand use of top-quality curriculum, trainings, and technology to meet the needs of families and staff.

Expose learners to all of the opportunities available to them after graduation

Remodel Resource Center to e occupancy maximizing space for school

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